No sound - ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe


Just built a new pc. Everything went fine, exept from I'm not getting any sound using headphones.
I don't have any other speakers so I'm not sure if it works without headphones.

I have installed drivers for both motherboard and sound card. I have also checked settings in Windows 7 and the sound cards software (Xonar HDAV Center Deluxe), but still no luck.

I doubt the sound card is defect cause Windows sees the card and even Xonar HDAV Center Deluxe's equalizer plays when I play for instance a video on youtube. All my devices are working as it should, according to Windows' Device Manager.

I have also checked all cables like 20 times. The only thing with the cable that can cause this must be that I can see someone says that HD-Audio/AC97 front-panel cable should be connected to the motherboard and not to the sound card but on my sound card it clarly says "front-panel".

Cables that are used:
*One 4-pin cable from PSU to Xonar HDAV.
*One bridge-cable from Xonar HDAV card to an extension card.
*One HD-Audio cable from front-panel to Xonar HDAV.

A guy just said that maybe the intergrated sound card is causing problems for the Xonar and that I should see if I can disable it from BIOS. I will try that, though I looked in BIOS earlier and I couldn't see anything wrong.

Motherboard - ASUS Rampage II Extreme
Sound Card - ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe
Video Card - ASUS HD 5870
OS - Windows 7 x32
Headphone - Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (Headphones are working)

It's probably just something I've overseen but can someone hit me with some solutions?

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Do you have the headphones connected through the FP Audio Header or with the RCA => TRS Connector to the back of the card?

    In the ASUS Audio Control Panel, click on the tab that looks like an RCA Cable (as apposed to a HDMI cable).
    Then, under 'Analogue Out' select either 2 Speakers (output from the rear of the card) or FP Headphone (FP Audio Header).
    You may need to uncheck the SPDIF Out encoding option to make it properly work.

    Does that get it working?
  2. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.... Thx man. I can't beleve I didn't think about FP Audio probably stands for Front-Panel Audio :D

    I swear I have probably tryied every combinations exept from that one :D
    I haven't tried the connection behind yet. I will later but now I at leased know the card works and the first impression is awesome. I just have to enjoy this moment for a while now :D

    Ok. Again, many thanks to you outlw6669 for both the welcome message and the solution.
    I wish you the very best ;)

  3. No problem.
    Enjoy ;)
  4. hay outlw6669 can you please help me im trying to hook up my headphones to the back of my card i havent hooked up the front panel cable cause im never going to use the front panel i just want to use the back of the card with hole do i put it in the one with the red light coming out of it ? the head phones are headphone monitors so i dont think its not working cause there crap? the computer sees the card ? installed the driver good, Disabled the on board sound card in BIOS? and still no sound ? whats going on please help me?
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