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Tengo un problema con la placa Asus P6T Ws BIOS Profesional X58 version 1107, procesador Core I7 975 extreme y la memoria 6GB Kingston HyperX KHX2000C9AD3T1K3/6GX, 6 modulos de 12GB. he hecho bios X.M.P profile 1-DDR3-2000 o profile 2-DDR3 1866 Intel XMP Tall HS 9-9-9- todo correcto en Windows 7 64 bit. Pero cada día tengo el mismo problema, se me cuelga. Me aparece en pantalla azul: “Dumping physical memory to disk”. No puedo trabajar, ¿qué hago? Gracias.

I in trouble with Asus P6T Ws Profesional X58 BIOS version 1107, processor Core I7 975 extreme and 6GB Kingston HyperX KHX2000C9AD3T1K3/6GX, 6 slot 12GB. memory. I did Bios, I think it’s all right with Windows 7 64 bit. But every day appears the same problem, the computer stops. In a blue screen appears the message: “Dumping physical memory to disk”. I cannot work, what can I do?
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  1. I suspect a ram problem.
    Download and run memtest86+ to test your ram.
    You should be able to run several passes with NO errors.

    If you get errors, test one stick at a time to identify the failing part.
    If individual sticks test out OK, then you may have to increase your ram voltage in small steps. No higher than 1.65v.
    I would let all the ram bios settings default for starters. There is negligible performance impact on your applications with lower speed or looser timings.
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