Randomly Unstable Internet Access

I am having some very frustrating problems with my wireless and after a month of google searching, have not found a solution, nor anyone else with this exact problem.

The problem:

Internet connection randomly drops. Sometimes I can go several days with a stable connection, sometimes I'll disconnect every 15 minutes for several days. The signal strength, however, is unaffected and my connection to the network seems to be stable. Other computers on the network maintain stable connections.


Sometimes the connection will fix itself, but most of the time I will have to open the ASUS Wifi AP-Solo software and forcefully have it refresh the IP. This works most of the time, but sometimes it will fail to acquire an IP, in which case I have to disable the device and re-enable it. That works most times, but even still, sometimes a full reboot of the machine is needed.


Windows XP with Service Pack 2
Belkin G Wireless Router

I'm using a home-built computer with an ASUS motherboard which comes with a wireless adapter. The install disc says "M2N32-SLI Series." This disc installs the drivers and the software for the adapter. It installs "Realtek RT8187" drivers and ASUS Wifi AP-Solo software. I am NOT using the access point mode, I am in solo mode. The odd thing here is that the actual usb network card hooked into the motherboard is an AzureWave product whose model number is nowhere to be found on their website. In fact, a google search of that model number returns only results in Chinese.

Attempted fixes so far:

I've tried looking into updating the drivers, but all I can find are: RTL8187SE. TRL8187L, and RTL8187B. The one I have installed makes no distinction between any of those. I tried the SE one, only to give myself frequent blue screens once installed. I'm going to try the other two next.

I have tried disabling firewalls on both computer and on router, shutting down nearby wireless devices, moving the antenna around, disabling all windows network-related services and using only the asus services; tried doing the opposite as well.

Nothing so far has corrected the problem.

I've also given up once and tried bridging to my vista laptop which has a very stable connection to the internet, but couldn't manage to get any internet at all on my desktop with this.
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  1. Quote:
    "Internet connection randomly drops"

    Are you talking about the connection between the modem and router? If so, is the connection stable when you have a direct connection (modem<--wire-->pc)?

    "The signal strength, however, is unaffected and my connection to the network seems to be stable"

    So this has nothing to do w/ wireless, correct?

    “Sometimes the connection will fix itself, but most of the time I will have to open the ASUS Wifi AP-Solo”

    Ok, now I’m confused. That sounds like the wireless connection *is* a problem. Or are you maintaining a wireless connection and somehow losing your TCP/IP config??

    As detailed as your problem statement is (and it is good), it’s not always obvious which “connection” you’re talking about.

    Btw, are you using cable or dsl?
  2. It's cable -- Comcast. I believe each time I mention "connection" by itself, I'm referring to the internet connection. I'm unable to test a direct connection due to distance and availability of ethernet cords.

    I've installed the RTL8187L driver and so far everything is working.. I know my luck usually has me figuring out the solution shortly after asking someone; but I'm not going to consider it fixed until I can manage four straight days of stable internet.
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