Help me with this monster computer

hi everybody,
i've been lookin all over the web for info to built the best gaming computer.
after 2 days i 'v finaly finishd.
please help me and comment about it, whats good\improve\give the best performance

processor: intel i7 860 box

mother board: asus maximus III formula \ Gigabyte GA-P55A UD6

graphic:ATI RADEON HD 5870 1gb ddr5 pci

ram: 2Xg.skill ddr3 2gb(4084GB) 1333MHZ ripjaws 7-7-7-21

power: seasonic s12 energy plus 550w

case: thermalmaker armor+mk+23 cm fan

harddisk: samasung spinpoint f3 hd1035sj 3.5 1TB 32MB,7200rmp sata 2

tnx .
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  1. get a better power supply,550w might be a bit too low, go for 650+ from corsair or antec ^_^
  2. 600w will do?
  3. thats a pretty beefy video card, if you ever plan on getting 2 of those, a 650 would be perfect.
  4. i'm plannin on 1 video card without oc and stuff. can a 600W handle this computer? and which company is the most reliable?should i get a cooler system?
  5. corsair, antec, ocz are good as far as power supply brands are concerned. i've personally had great experience with antec as far as reliability. 600w should be fine then :)
    and by cooling system do you mean liquid cooling? then no.
    if you want to buy a couple of aftermarket case fans, that would be nice.
    grab a aftermarket heatsink/fan for the i7 920.
  6. Well, if all you're doing is gaming, then I suggest saving some money and getting an i5 instead. Also, there's a sticky on top of the forum that gives you a format of how you should ask for help, it just makes it easier. :)

    So if you're not overclocking, which I disagree on because it's simple and really is the "cheapest upgrade" you could ever get. And you're only planning on a single card setup.. in which case, you don't need a premium board like the ones you listed.

    If you wanted the UD6 for the usb/sata 3.0, here's a way cheaper alternative:

    Not sure what you mean by "2X" for your RAM. If you're getting TWO 2gb sticks, it's cheaper to get a 4gb (2x2) set. If that's what you meant, ignore this :D. Anyways, since you don't plan on overclocking, I see no point in getting ripjaws as opposed to these, which have similar timings and a lower voltage:

    Also, I'm assuming you mean MX. It's really up to you and it does have what thermaltake calls a dedicated vga fan blowing on your 5870. HAF922 is also a good alternative in that price range.

    Lastly, seasonic is a premium psu brand. They actually manufacture most of corsair's psus. You should be fine with a 550w as long as its brand name. Corsair and antec are good starts, as knucklepuck suggested. PC power and cooling enermax to add to that list/
  7. I know this is your baby, allow me to present u a different choice of hardware that may give u great value.

    This u may add at your case and video-card. That aftermarket cooler will help u to push the CPU at a minimum of 3Ghz so u will really enjoy this rig. Anyway enjoy your building and ......gaming after.
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