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Ok, so I built my first gaming rig back in September and have no problems with it so far. Has been great in fact. However I am running my OS off a 120GB SSD which after installing a couple of games onto it has rapidly filled up leaving not much space left.

After seeing some posts online about people having separate HDD's for gaming I was wondering what you guys could suggest would be the better one's to buy and what sort of space is really needed. Will be storing roughly 10-15 games on here at any one time. Already have a 1TB Samsung F3 HDD which was relatively cheap but would a smaller drive provide faster loads on games?

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  1. At the current hard drive prices, I think I'd use the 1TB for your games. If you don't want to use the whole drive, you can always create a couple partitions on the drive and use one for games and the other for storage. Just be sure to put the games on the 1st partition as it will be closer to the center of the drive, thus a little faster.
  2. a lot of times when a game seems laggy when you look at an area that you havent before its because the game needs to load textures from the HDD. SSDs are so fast they completely fix this problem. with games that are fast moving, it might be best to leave those on your SSD.
    dont forget windows has a disk cleanup utility built into it. Ive seen it clear 20GB of crap off of peoples computers.
    Start>all programs>accessories>system tools
  3. SSD. don't have one but in future i will and most of all will have it.
    However, my friend install SSD on his pc and what he did is,
    Pick best of best #1, 2, 3 games + all work software on SSD.
    Windows + work Software 1~2 games on SSD. and all file on HDD.
    Therefore his games and office work software are run faster without having a problems with fill SSD up fast.
    Picture, movie, music, + game and software that are use all the time on HDD.
    This will help you to use SSD.
    For personal, my self... i am going to purchase SSD on 2013 or 2014 for large cap and cheaper then right now.
    Good luck~
    and make sure you turn off defg and paging files!!!!!
  4. Cheers for the responses guys, don't worry I regularly disk clean ect.

    That partition option sounds preferable, as the only real games I will be mostly playing for the next while will be Batman AC, SW:TOR and probably TF2. So shall keep those on the SSD. However how and what is the best way to install these games onto the HDD let alone create said partitions (very sorry I am quite new to computer stuff) I did look when installing Batman earlier to try and install onto my HDD but only the C drive came up as the install destination which is of course on the HDD.

    Cheers for the help
  5. Use disk management in windows to partition and format the drive. Most games will let you pick the install folder. If not you don't have much choice as to where to install.
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