Are Samsung SSDs any good?

I've seen these SSDs going around for pretty cheap: Samsung MMCRE28G8MXP-0VBH1.
They're 1.8" 128GB, which sounds amazing for the prices. But are they cheap for a reason?

Also, does micro SATA to SATA need some kind of voltage regulator? I've read that mini SSDs need 3.3v while SATA cables provide 5-12v.

Secondly, can you rank and explain these SSDs (or tell me the best one):
(in order of cheapness)
Kingston SSDNow 100 64GB
OCZ Vertex Plus 60GB
OCZ Agility 3 60GB
Corsair Fore Series F80 80GB
Intel X25-M 80GB

And do regular SSDs take normal SATA?
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  1. Sata doesn't really matters if it's about compatibility but for speed, it matters... If i were you, I would get the "more storage" for the price, if your not ganan install anything much, get the performance or the OCZ Agility 60GB which is good...
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