XFX 4890 Problems already...

So i just got the XFX 4890 1gb. When i hook it up to my 46 LCD TV I'm having flickering problems and lines across the screen so far, also my screen would just turn grey and freeze. When i restart my computer it goes away for a while. When my computer was hooked up to my 19" monitor it seems to be fine... i've only seen the grey screen once on the 19". =(

Is it because i have my graphic card is hooked up to my Samsung LN47A750 screen or is the card itself?

Currently my system is:

Window 7 64bit / AMD II Phenom X2 550 3.1ghz / GIGABYTE MA770T-UD3P/ G.Skill 4GB RAM/ OCZ MODXSTREAM-PRO 600W/ WD750GB HD/ Antec Three Hundred Case
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  1. ok just now while i was playing game.. my screen frooze. and something on the bottom right poped up and said "ati driver frooze and was able to recover" something like that... is it my driver issue with window 7? thanks
  2. Try update with the newest driver...
    And make sure u connect the power cable for your card...
  3. Not only should you update to the latest gpu drivers from the ATI website, you should also update to the latest mobo chipset drivers, if newer ones are available...be sure to install the mobo chipset drivers BEFORE installing the latest gpu drivers...however, before updating the gpu drivers, be sure to do a complete un-install of any and all old drivers Driversweeper, especially if you had an nVidia gpu installed before you for the 4890...
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