Can't boot from external DVD drive

I assembled a new computer. The motherboard is Asus M4A89GTD. I connected an external USB DVD drive to a USB port and an Intel SSD drive to Sata port 1. I am trying to install Windows 7 from the DVD drive. In the BIOS I have boot sequence as USB drive then the SSD. The BIOS recognizes my USB drive and it displays the model name in the device list.

When the system boots I get a message "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media...". I know the dvd disk & drive work because I used them on another system to install Windows. I tried another boot disk but I get the same message. I also made the USB drive the only boot drive.

Somehow I think the BIOS is ignoring the dvd drive and the HD is taking over first. I think I read that the HD needs to be on a slave SATA drive? port 5 or 6? I will try these, meanwhile any suggestions? ACPI setting?
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  1. I disconnected the SSD and still same issue. I only have the external drive connected. No drives connected to the MB.
  2. If SSD has nothing on it, it cannot be a bootable media.

    Does your USB DVD drive have external power connection and is it connected ?

    In some instances, USB power alone is not sufficient to give the disk a spin in the USB DVD drive. What is more, some boards are just not able to supply enough wattage to USB devices.

    I suggest you to connect a 5-volt power adapter to the USB DVD drive and try again.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I installed a new SATA DVD drive and it worked.
  4. Did you go into the BIOS and ensure that you have enabled USB support for booting -- even though it is a DVD\CD drive to the BIOS it will be a USB device so in the boot options you need to have USB device in the list of boot devices.
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