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Ok so I just built a brand new pc and for some reason my screen keeps turning purple/pinkish red. It doesn't seem to be driver related because it happened once when I was installing windows 7.(during the load screen with the white bar). It turns back to normal and then does it again randomly.

The computer has athlon 2 x4 with the following:


Graphics Card:

Power Supply:


I have to use the adapter to get a dsub connector. I have 2 of those monitors and I'm getting this problem on both of them so i know its not the monitors. I rechecked all the connectors already, could the card be bad?
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  1. Yes, probably your card is defective...
    Have u connected your card with the power cable from PSU?
  2. I pulled the card out and it looked like it fried.
    Some of the caps looked literally burnt.

    How could that happen so fast? The card was only used for maybe 2 hours and that was just installing windows. The card is big and took up a pci slot as well with its fan, but I had a wifi card underneath it, they weren't touching but were close. (maybe an inch and a half apart.(estimate).

    The card did the purple thing the first time I cut the computer on. So I think it may have just been a dud from the start.
  3. Okay, it's fried...
    Still on warranty? RMA it...
    Whether your motherboard fried too? on the pins??
  4. What pins are you talking about?
    I booted the computer with the onboard graphics and it works fine.
  5. the caps that u mentioned before....
    it's burnt,right?
    then rma it...
    make sure that your pcie-slot on your motherboard is not harmed.
  6. I returned the card to newegg today. I hope I get the new one quick... this was supposed to be a Christmas present.

    I looked at the motherboard and the pci-e slot looks fine as well as everything around it. I booted the computer with the onboard 4200 gpu and it runs really well, so I think everything else is still fine, I guess I wont know if the slot is ok until I get the new card.

    I'm more worried now about what could have happened. Not really much you can screw up on a GPU install, put the card in, secure, and then put in the power connector. I know I put the right connector in it because it said PCI-E.

    Hopefully just a dud card.
  7. I hope it's just bad card...
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