New computer wont boot


i7 930
Corsair 750 watt
6 gigs Gskill Ripjaw

Just built the computer and the damn thing wont boot. Fans arent turning on. Nothing. The only thing on is two LED's, a green and amber one next to the ram and a blue clear CMOS led in the back, thats it.

Please help!
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  1. Double check your cable connections, it maybe one of the cables which isn't connected properly
  2. You can double check your psu make sure that works also idk if you are pushing the button on the motherboard to power on or the button on the tower??

    If you are pushing the button on the tower make sure the cables that connect the tower to motherboard are in the appropriate spot on the motherboard
  3. I know this info has to already be here, at Tom's, in some sticky or other, but it still happens all the time!

    I know you've spent a month (hopefully ;) ) reading manuals and reviews, 'picking out your pieces'; I know it was a thrill to finally sit down with the credit card and place the order. I know you've been on UPS' site, 'tracking' your shipment(s), five times a day for the last week or ten days; and now, the 'guy in brown' has finally put a pile of boxes on your porch! Calm down! Take a few deep breaths (while remembering to inspect those boxes for shipping damage...)! Relax! You're going to live with this thing for a long time! Now is when you need to muster all the patience you possess...

    You don't want to just 'shovel the parts' into the box. You do want to work carefully and methodically - it'll result in a better system, and minimize start-up grief. Before you ever think about putting in those MOBO mounting screws, you want to put your board on a non-conducting surface, near enough the case for the wires to reach, and 'breadboard'. Put in a single DIMM, the vidcard, the CPU and its cooler (always easier to mount with the board out in the open):

    Plug in the power cable, the ATX12Vx4 or 8, the vidcard power, the monitor cable, the case's front panel power button, reset switch, and a case speaker...

    Power that puppy up! That way, you know at least the basics are working! What I do then, is to connect a DVD, toss in a copy of memtest, do the "LoadOpt" from the BIOS, and run a pass or three of DIMM testing. If OK, swap DIMMs (it's so much easier with the board flat in front of you!), and test again - until all tested. Then plop 'em all in, and make sure she still runs. Best thing - memtest again! Now it's time to think about putting 'er in the case!

    At this point, just put in the case the parts you've already tested! You already know they work! If they don't work, in the case, the list of things you could have done wrong is pretty short - extra standoff somewhere, debris under board - shouldn't be hard to fix. Then add one part at a time, testing with a power-up each time; if it was running, and you add part 'xxx', and it no longer works, you can be pretty certain your problem is with part 'xxx'! Its cabling, its power connector - maybe, god [:lorbat:5] forbid, an actually bad part! But, your 'search for the culprit' is in almost every case, limited to that last addition! Rinse, lather, repeat - until all your parts are in the case, and (hopefully) working!
  4. Problem solved. I tried a different outlet and it worked!!!!!
  5. You don't happen to have an nVidia 'Fermi' in there, do you? Probably 'browned out' the whole neighborhood!
  6. haha awsome
  7. Yeah - I'm still kind of 'scanning' the news, watching for the first GTX-480 fan failure to cause a 'meltdown', and take a small New Jersey neighborhood with it, into a molten hole in the ground...[:jaydeejohn:4]
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