Compatibility Question for $1000 all-purpose

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: As soon as possible to assemble over x-mas break. Hoping to keep around $1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Programming/linux/general use. Small amount of gaming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard/mouse/speakers





ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Looking for expandability

Hey guys. first time PC builder from scratch and I've decided to do it. Want to double check compatibility though of my items and/or if I should switch any out. Right now I am a CS major and want to use this computer as a way to mess with linux more/run some calculations for my thesis and more processing power. however, I didn't want graphics to be the limiting factor of my computer either and I wanted the option of playing some games at mid level graphics. The main thing I wanted to go with was expandability so that my "base" items were good enough to last longer (processor, mobo, psu). The GPU/RAM/etc would all be easier to upgrade later based on my need.

here's the list!


Antec Three Hundred Illusion Case

WD Caviar Blue 640GB HD

Viewsonic X Series Monitor


Radeon HD 4770


Arctic 5

G Skill ECO Series RAM

AMD Phenox X4 965 (140W) BE

I went with the 965BE 140W because i had read compatibility issues with this mobo and the C3 version I had picked ( I read it in the comments) so I went with the 140W. what are your opinions on this?? Other compatibility issues (RAM/DVI output on GPU to LCD monitor/BIOS recognizing CPU/etc) I wasn't sure about but I think I have them narrowed down. Hopefully this all works. Any other stuff you guys reccomend knowing this case or layout? Like cable extenders or SATA cables or such? Let me know what you guys think!! Thank you
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  1. bump anyone? sorry to be pushy...was hoping to get this thing ordered today before christmas processing all slowed down. want to have it built before 2nd semester started
  2. Caviar blue is a slow "cool & quiet" drive for storing data. You should get a Caviar Black or better a Samsung F3 or Seagate 7200.12 500gb (these are new single 500GB platter HDDs that are far faster and cheaper).

    Its a shame to spend the extra on the CPU and get one that burns nmore power for no reason. It might be cheaper to have ASUS send you an updated bios chip (most places its ~$20, dont know what ASUS charges). You might contact ASUS and see if they have a solution for you. Or you could switch to a comparable Gigabyte motherboard.
  3. thank you very much for your fast reply. I am ordering all from Newegg and read more about the harddrives.
    I have now switched to the 1TB 7200.12

    Is that same quality as the 500GB just twice as big? (2 500GB platters)

    The CPU and mobo combo I am not unhappy with and from what I read in reviews I believe the AMD CPU barely reaches that 140W threshold anyways.

    Is there a better combination you would recommend for the CPU and Mobo?
  4. any other input? I will be ordering this system in 1 hour!
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