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I have a prblem here, I did mpressed my main drive to save space, but when reboot system, black screen come up with "AYFVO compressed" which not alowing me to start windows 7. on main time I have USB protable CD drive. I got the bootable software, I did bootable setup order, but still can not boot from this portable drive.
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  1. Hi abdbahumaid, you will need to un-compress this drive before you can install Windows 7 again.

    Note, you cannot compress your system drive and expect it to boot, does not happen!!!

    If you can, slave the hdd to another PC ( also with Windows 7 ) and un-compress the drive with the same software you used to compress it!

    Then you will need to re-format the partition ( maybe even delete and create again ) at the start of Windows 7 setup and it should install OK.

    Do this and you should be OK.

    Good luck and keep thread updated. :-)
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