GFX issues with the 8800GT & COD4 (mplayer)

Hi everyone :hello:

I'm desperately seeking solutions to fix my GFX issues i've been having with Call of Duty 4

I'm running an Intel 2.4ghz Quad Core, 2Gb Axe gaming ram with a 8800GT gfx card & i get a terrible frame rate when
playing the game online...the funny thing is it wasn't always like this, my system had happier days running the game
smoothly at decent GFX settings

my game's avg. frame rate used to be at +- 200fps

now it runs between 15 - 35 fps

when i open the game for about the first five to ten minutes it runs fine and hits its maxfps limit (which i hav now set to 125fps) quite consistently, then i get spikes where the frame rate drops into the red...and then ultimately my frame rate does a titanic and sinks down into the red pits of laggyness and unplayability...i would like to remind you all that i have set the GFX on its lowest settings, including texture settings & details on 1024x768 ...and still NO CHANGE!

so i'm stuck here now with a decent PC that is more than qualified to run COD4 like butter but simply won't

...before i submit this to the abundantly intellectual cyber community I'd like to add that yes i've tried everything that can be tried with setting my GFX in game...iv also tried disabling the vertical sync (this once resulted in better fps in CS1.6)

So discuss this amongst yourselves and please help me try reach a solution
end result being me pwning COD4 online with no problems

I eagerly await your responses

many thnx...

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    It sounds to me like your system is over heating.
    Check your fans/heat sinks for dust and clean as necessary.
    Then, please post your Idle and Load temps for the CPU and GPU.
    You can use Coretemp to get the CPU temps and GPUz for the GPU.

    When you post back your temps, could you also post your full system specs and a list of any recent hardware or software changes you have made.
  2. alright...ur awesum!

    i think over-heating was the would explain everything

    i gave my system a thorough cleaning and attached an extra fan i had lying around

    i ran coretemp prior to the cleaning ...everythng was running between 60 - 67 degrees celcius

    now those temperatures have dropped significantly...iv attached a screenie of the new temp's

    i playd 2 full games online now without even a dip in frame rate...this case reminds me of an old avi. i saw about Intel VS. AMD dealing with over-heating and loss of frame rate whilst gaming

    thnx for the help

    iv learnt cleanliness is next to CODlyness :bounce:

    \m/ ^_^ \m/
  3. Glad to hear it worked.
    Enjoy the gaming goodness!
  4. outlw6669 is right, 10 minutes before thermal limits kick in etc, check that your cpu hsf is seated correctly and is clean, and the video hsf clean aswell, there the vitals
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