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I have been in the process of building a computer for some time now but its been kinda a tough trying to find parts. Im a beginner so if some some of the stuff in this sounds far fetched please correct me.

I already have an Antec 900 case along with an Antec Earthwatts 750w Power supply. On my wish list i wanted to get an AMD 955 AM3 proc but since the 965 is around the same price ill probably get that. the problem is that from reading alot on it, i got the impression that the stock cooler provides the minimum cooling so i opted for an aftermarket but cant seem to find one that would fit the proc ...any suggestions. Also can u suggest the best ram to go with an ASUS Crosshair III mobo. I was also thinking about EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX+ there something better for a good price? this is my first build although i am a TECH ENTHUSIAST!!
please help
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    Case and PSU are good picks. Stick with the 955 over the 965 as you can increase the multiplier on the 955 yourself and get a 965 for free.

    If you are planning on OCing an aftermarket cooler is necessary, the Hyper 212+ is a good cooler and will mount onto any modern board.

    Getting an nVidia card with an ATI Crossfire capable board is a waste, i would suggest dropping the board down to the 790X, i have the M4A79T, and while it is a nice board the additional features arent worth the price premium over the M4A79XT

    That frees up some of your budget to get a better GPU, the EVGA 9800GTX+ on newegg is 135, with the $80 saved on the motherboard you can move up to a 5770 which is a good bit stronger than the 9800GTX+, and you still save about $45
  2. Gp with hunters suggestions, they are sound advice.

    Though before we can recommend a video card, we need to know your monitors resolution and whether you will be gaming or not.
  3. actually i dont have a monitor yet so i will probably be getting also..and i will be gaming..i looked at your suggestion and im liking it because i really wanted a good video card
  4. If you decide to opt for the 965, ensure you get the 125W version (C3 stepping).

    Any good quality brand dual channel ram with good timings at a fair speed will be fine. worry the least about ram though of the rest of your components as long as you have 4GB.

    Any idea what games you want to play yet?
  5. My suggestions:

    Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 955 overclock it to 3.4Ghz or more
    Graphic Card: If on a budget get an ATi Raedon HD 5770 or pick up the ATI raedon HD 5850/5870

    Aftermarket CPU cooler: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme with 1/2 good scythe fans
  6. Oh man thanks for the suggest and im sorry i couldnt reply back until now just been a little busy. i dont know what games yet but im sure i want to play at full settings lol (if possible). i looked at the thermalright Ultra 120 but was getting some mixed reviews on it but i liked it anyway. i think im going to stick with the 955 but ill probably be on a forum asking how to change the multipler to get it Overclocked. My hands are still in the air on the motherboard selection cause i like both boards but i really want a great video card like the 5770 or the 5870 and maybe hopefully i could go dual. Is there any good reason to go more than 4 GB of ram or it wont matter.

    any good suggestions on a Monitor.

    Thanks so much guys you have been a great help but i had one more side question if you dont mind....Are there any forums for newbies in the computer arena on this site that i cant go on to ask questions and get help with stuff??

    Thanks again...maybe one day ill be able to give computing advice too lol
  7. Well the changing the multiplier is really easy......go to the BIOS then system tweaking utility, there you will see the multiplier option set to auto by default....change it accordingly

    FSB X Multipler= Clock Speed

    Don't change FSB(200 Mhz)
    Change the multiplier but not too much at one go....go slowly and don't overclock without a aftermarket cooler, since that processor tends to heat up...
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