Adding multiple (may be 10 more) HDMI outputs to a computer

I want to build a system with 10 HDMI outputs for a custom application. What are my options irrespective of the cost involved.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Quote:
    mm well cant you hook up DVI adaptors to HDMI and there for you need two Quad Cards and a Dual card.

    cheap quad card say £85 (tho i have got S3 Trio Quad cards but dont touch them)
    so £85+£85 and a cheap graphics card to get dual.. £30 say out of the blue
    £200 then you need adapters to get to HDMI.. £2 a connection so another £10
    the £85 are PCI
    and then allyou need for this oen would be a system with 2-3 PCI slots

    Thanks Angel.
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