Problems with my 4770HD

Hi there.

So Ive decided to clean my pc and i noticed that my video card wasnt quite in place, so i attached it back fully into the socket and fired up my rig to play some CoDmw2. And to my surprise, my fps dropped to 20 and below. So i reinstalled the drivers and got it up to date. Then i ran 3Dmark to see whats wrong, and believe me or not im getting 0-1 fps in crysis on lowest settings.

I don't understand what is going on really. I have never overclocked the card and the temperature is as it should be.

Help me out here,

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  1. okay, try re-insert your card to motherboard...
  2. Maybe the slot itself has dust, try removing the video card and blowing air (not with your mouth) or brushing it. Just a thought....
  3. Ive tried all the mentioned above. Got same issue. Also, there is one more thing. Since the incident, i need to start my computer two times for it to boot up perfectly. The first time i start it, all goes well, windows boots up, but then my screen goes black, so i am forced to reboot. I suspect this has something to do with the videocard.
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