I7 920 @ 2.66 - Watercooled @ 47c???!

Hello :D *my 1st thread*

Recently after a stable 4Ghz overclock (hour in stress test) of my i7 i was given a b.s.o.d.! And ever since that my cpu has been going crazy. So natually i lowered it back down to 2.67 and that didnt correct it.. :cry:

My Mobo: http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2988
Water Cooling Unit: http://www.xspc.biz/x2odelta.php

Reinstalled Windows 7.. (from RC to 64x Ultimate)

Within the bios this time round I had reset my motherboard back to factory(incase i had done something wrong :pt1cable: ) and proceesed as one normally would with a total format. A day in and everything seemed good :wahoo: , so I try to OC up to 3Ghz using the "EasyTuner6". A quick reboot. Followed with a blue screen AGAIN :pfff: :( .. FAIL..

Back down to 2.67 again and once AGAIN windows wouldnt boot :non: .. Ran "XpressRecovery" and it said it was UNABLE to fix the problem.. so format and installed W7 once again leaving the CPU at 2.67 this time.

All hunky dory this time! i decide to check my Temps for my 920 and it said that i was running at 47 degrees MINIMUM.. I was totally shocked and to be honest i dont know what to do..

Checking around the internet as you would, i found out that people were running 40 - 50 degrees at 4+Ghz!
My room is kinda warm as england is FREEZING at the moment but still reasonable 20 - 25degrees (windows closed) and my resoviour/ pump is within my case (as instruted by the manuel)

Is it my Watercooling unit? ( i WAS running 20 - 30 degrees before)
Damages my CPU or Mobo?
Fried my thermalpaste?! (is it possible :??: )

Any help I will be very appreciative :bounce: :na:
Any questions i will gladly answer

Thanks in advance :D :hello:

Full Rig:

Processor: i7 920
Memory: 6Gb DDR3
Hard Drive: 1.8TB total
Video Card: 2x GeForce GTX 275 *SLi*
Monitor: Hyundai 24" W240D
Sound Card: Realtek HD Audio output
Operating System:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4
Computer Case:
NZXT Tempest
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  1. When you had the lower temps - 20 to 30 lower - what kind of cooler were you using?
    Your temps went high immediately after your upgrade to wc?
    Don't get em wrong, but maybe you have just used to much thermal paste and that can raise your temps by some 7-10C.
    Cannot tell if it is just your wc kit.
  2. Thanks for the reply

    i have been using this watercooling kit ever since i made this build!
    stable at 20 - 30 then 4Ghz mess up and it shoots to 47C
    its totally random!...
    thanks for the idea ill remove it, reapply and see how that fares :)
  3. I've never messed with Water cooling so I can't comment on possible cooling setup problems, but it sounds to me like you might have damaged your CPU somehow with that 4.0 GHz OC. What voltage were you running when you hit 4 GHz?
  4. i had followed this OC guide to the letter. Made by Gigabyte.


    as it states:

    "We just set up all our frequencies, so the next step is to change voltage. Bclk is 200MHz, and CPU 4GHz, so only CPU vcore voltage is affected. For this parameter set it to 1.4000v or higher. QPI speed will be affected by QPI/VTT and QPI PLL voltages. Usually QPI/VTT will affect more. Set QPI/VTT to 1.515v, and leave QPI PLL to auto or default."

    To b perfectly honest i wanted to get to 4.0 and i didnt have the know how.. so i looked around for a reliable source, went slowly and took my time..
  5. Hmm... Voltage doesn't seem high enough to really do damage at that level, but it does seem higher than it would need to be to hit 4.0 GHz (though I've not actually messed with an i7 920) but not outrageously high. I guess I'm not gonna be able to help you much here, other than that it seems to me that you might have damaged your CPU somehow, but that really doesn't seem likely given your voltages. (unless it spiked because you have some set to AUTO, but that should have some sort of over-volt protection).
  6. Quote:
    Your rad is the problem. You ned a triple rad to cool the I7 adequately

    Any decent dual radiator will cool an i7 just fine and his single radiator should be adequate. A triple radiator is needed for when you add in video cards...

    I think you need to rip out your watercooling loop and bleed it again.
  7. Thank you all very much for your answers :)
    its 1.35 am xD i shall do all your ideas in the morning and get back to you
  8. the issue is, it used to keep his CPU plenty cool though- why would it change now? The radiator would not seem to be the issue in this case.
  9. thank all very much for the help

    i have addressed all your ideas and more i had found in another forum ( someone was running 50+ idle @ 2.67)

    resat the cpu, new thermal paste, moved my rad to the front of the case to get cool air 1st.

    i think i may of just ruined my cpu :(

    time 4 a new 1?
  10. :D :D :pt1cable: :love: !!SUCCESS!! :sol: :lol: :bounce:


    All the above has been delt with and checked my temps. They were still running at 47C. Decided to OC my CPU again (not a smart idea) and got it to 4.0GHz and WINDOWS LOADED :D no blue screen!!

    Ran Prime95 for 4 hours and im at late 50s - mid / late 60's :D :D


    untill i get my new case ;)
  11. lol. sweet man. Enjoy that setup:-)
  12. its really interesting how the system of OC works. lmao
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