Motherboard and ram compatability? ☺☺☺

I am think of buying the ASUS M4A78L-M LE motherboard (In which I am using the amd phenom II 955) and don't know if it will support my 2 sticks of OCZ ram which has the following on each:
PC2 8500 5-6-6 @2.10v
Gold Series 2GB
PN: OCZ2G10664GK
This is their packaging:

And the ASUS M4A78L-M LE motherboard is this:

Please can someone help me as soon as possible.
Thank you
:) :) :)

If the ram isn't compatable with this motherbaord can you reccommend another motherboard that is and that supports my ram and my CPU and that has intergrated graphics.
Thanks again
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