Cheap new build advice??

Hey guys !! I'm new to this forum and i need some advice..:)
i need a new pc very urgently and i'm going to attempt my first build. My budget is $200.00... I am going to buy my parts on ebay... Im going 2 use it for gaming and surfing the web ...
Please help!! I don't want links.. Just hardware suggestions , a whole build please. Any help appreciated! :)
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  1. From my experience, ebay rarely beats prices on new parts.

    $200 is a bit low of a budget. Even cheap prebuilts cost more than that, and ebay wont likely beat those prices either.

    Look at the recommended builds by usage sticky for parts ideas.
  2. Right now it's impossible to build a $200 "gaming" PC. Memory prices being high is a major factor. You're better off buying used components from for sale forums and build one that way.
  3. Hey
    give me a cheap gaming build lift the long as it doesn't go higher than $600, thanks again
  4. Do you need a monitor included in the $600 or do you already have one? What games do you play?
  5. I play games like wow and fps's... And no.. No monitor, can u help me?
  6. This is the cheapest I could do. Some of these are deals that may only be good for a few days.

    Case and Power supply ($80) Antec 200 + Antec 520W 80+ certified PSU

    CPU ($58) Athlon II x2 2.8GHz

    Motherboard ($80) Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P

    HDD ($50) Seagate 7200.12 500GB

    4GB RAM ($75) OCZ Gold 2x2GB DDR3-1066 Cas7

    Graphics ($70) XFX 4670 1GB
    If you want better graphics, upgrading to a new HD 5750 graphics card ($140) is 3-4 times as fast and would let you play at very high settings on the monitor I picked.

    Monitor ($110) ASUS 19 inch LCD 1440x900

    USB Keyboard ($15)

    USB Mouse ($10) (get a wired optical mouse)

    Total: $468 + some shipping and maybe tax. ($538 with the 5750).
  7. Thanx!
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