Mac Book Pro or Windows Laptop

I am choosing between a Mac Book Pro for like 1100-1300$
A windows laptop that is in that price range.

A windows laptop will have better specs but wont have that OS of mac's.
I was thinking of alienware laptops? No? Cannot go over $1300
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  1. What exactly do you need from us?
  2. crazy359 said:
    I was thinking of alienware laptops?

    Stop That !

    My son has a Windows PC, MacBook Pro and a Palm Smartphone. I just asked him and he's wouldn't switch the MacBook for a Windows laptop. Me ? ... I'm too old....I can't handle bouncing back and forth between two OS' 3 OS's.
  3. well, you could try asus or lenova for the $1100-1300 PC
  4. The windows pc's have the performance advantage and APPERENTLY the max os is amazing.
  5. Here's how to get the best of both worlds:
    Get the windows PC. Now put linux on it and say hi to Unix and all the advantages of mac, with better compatibility and support. What about bootcamp you ask? All bootcamp is is mac adding the ability to install windows and dual boot on their computers and calling it a feature. Yep a feature of mac is the ability to run windows. Of course, since you bought a computer you get windows for free already and can dual boot.
  6. I saw like lenovo laptops on tigerdirect for like 1200 with 8gb ram and i3.
  7. No need for that much ram with anything these days. What was the graphics chip? Because I would not pay $1300 for an i3 unless it had dedicated graphics and damn good ones at that.
  8. Is 6gb ram perfect then?
  9. What do you want to use the computer for? It's difficult to recommend anything without knowing that.

    Lenovo laptops are a good choice though.
  10. Typically more than 4GB is overkill. But there are exceptions depending on your usage.
  11. Alienware is alot of money for a paint job. Lenovo laptops, especially their expensive once, are solid. Macbook Pros are pretty nice, but just not in the price range I like.

    What other external devices will you be using with the laptop? If it's alot of Apple hardware then Mac OSX is going to be a good choice, but Windows should work just as well in most cases. If you want to sync Windows Mobile phones or something, you might have issues with OSX. I don't have a Windows Mobile phone or OSX to say for sure though, so I could be wrong.
  12. Will be doing constant programing. Maybe virtual machines. I work for IBM
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    Personally, in that case, I'd go for a Lenovo Thinkpad. They're built awesomely, run ridiculously cool, and are among the most reliable on the market.
  14. +1

    Go for a Lenovo.
  15. I was just looking at their site - the Thinkpad T410 series looks like it would be a great choice.
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