Removed NVIDIA Drivers; No signal to monitor!!

Hi guys! I purchased an Sapphire VAPOR X ATI Radeon 4890 1gb, and Corsair 750watt powersupply to upgrade my computer.

Before opening my computer to install anything, I went to control panel on my desktop and removed the NVIDIA drivers to my stock NVIDIA GT220 1GB PCI express card on my computer.

However, immediately after removing the drivers, my screen went BLACK, and monitor began saying "no signal." I have computer savy friends, and they told me my computer would boot with default graphics so I could still see what I was doing, however, this did not happen.

I though if I installed the ATI card and powersupply it might help. Its still doing the "no signal" on the monitor and the screen is black so I can't see anything!! I don't even know how to enter BIOS or load a CD ROM with no screen! The computer doesn't beep and I can hear it boot up normally!

I have tried plugging into the VGA input on the motherboard, the HDMI on the ATI and NVIDIA card, and removing the battery for 30seconds to reset the BIOS.

Please let me know about anything guys, I spend about 330$ in parts and was really excited to work on my computer, now I'm totally bummed :(
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  1. You should have 'something' on screen at least during boot. If this is not the case, your issue is not with your drivers. Display drivers are only loaded right before your get your Windows desktop. Everything before that should be dispplayed equally well by a 500$ of 15$ card.

    I assume you already tried to remove all display cards and boot on the Mobo VGA (if available)?
  2. THANKS or your response ICE TEA!

    Well, yes, I did try VGA from monitor to VGA input on motherboard (integrated video).

    Then I tried DVI on monitor to DVI input on NVIDIA GT220 after the drivers were removed and scree went black.

    I still went forward and put the new ATI card in.

    I believed after that I just tried the VGA input on the mobo.


    I tried the VGA on the ATI 4890 card just 15minutes ago, and it booted up with the default display to my windows 7 desktop. I loaded the ATI drivers. Seems all good now!

    I don't know why it worked through the VGA to ATI card!!!????? Maybe someone could fill me in!!!? It my computers destination to boot with default graphics through VGA connection to PCI Express in BIOS?????

    It works so I'm happy, but I would like to know for the future....

    But thanks Iced Tea for your help!
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