Help every time i start my acer it says media test failure check cable exiting p

I have an acer travelmate 290 laptop on xp. I used a partition software to merge my two drives as one. but this at first didnt cause any problems. Instead it shut off and shut on fine without troubles. Then all of a sudden as I'm surfing web my laptop shuts off. So I figure no big deal, I'll just turn it on again. Next thing I know it is in a continious loop that I can't break telling me "media test failure" "Check cable" "exiting pxe rom". Then it shuts down. And restarts and does this forever. I want to try one of the solutions mentioned here but I wouldn't know where to begin to actually do any of them because I know absolutely nothing about computers other then surfing the web and email. I try to press F2 to go to the settings when it's starting but that doesn't do anything. I tried loading a restore disk but that doesn't do anything except stop the computer from shutting down and restarting and staying on but with the screen turning completely dark/off and then I can't see anything. What do I do? Please walk me step by step. Thank you.

Sincerely Frustrated.
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  1. If you know nothing of PCs why did you embark on merging partitions with some unkown software ? First go into Bios and see if it detects both drives, assuming you have 2 physical drives. Turn on the POST details, not the Logo (express/quick boot) on boot. See if the drives post as the correct size on POST, might have to hit Pause/Break to read it. If yes, you'll need to re-install Windows XP. Change boot drive at boot by pressing F12 and run off the installation disk/usb thumb/network. Redo the primary partitions for each drive by delete all and create (max. size). Format normally (not quick) both drives and install fresh. All data will be lost. If only one physical drive with multiple partitions same procedure applies. Download all drivers from Acer for your laptop and install those next. "If it ain't broke don't fix it." especially if you don't know how.
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