Homebuilt Testing Software - UBCD a Good Choice?

Hey all,

Not sure if this is really the right place to post this as it is a question about Software, but I didn't really see a good section in the SW section and it is for a new homebuilt.

Anyway, I was looking for good bootable (so I don't have to install Windows on a computer with uncertain stability) test software to run as soon as the computer is built to see if all is well.

I already know of memtest86+ 4.0 and definitely plan to use that to check my memory, however I had heard of UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) in the past and saw they have a new version (with memtest86+ 4.0 at least).

Here's a link:

My question was if anyone had used this (or any of the included programs) and what they thought of it or if they had suggestions for other software to use? If it helps at all the system that will be tested is the one in my signature. Thanks for any info or comments!
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    Why don't you just use a linux live CD?
  2. I think this basically is that, plus including some test apps and other things.
  3. Well, it worked great, though pretty much all I used was the memtest86+ 4.0 part, so it wasn't much of a test.
  4. well if you use a livecd you can even "install" and run prime95. I don't know of a stability graphics test for linux atm, i just booted into windows and used furmark personally.
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