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I just purchased a OCZ Agility 3 and I would like to update the firmware before I install my OS. I purchased this ssd because my current hhd failed. So I can't use it to download the firmware. Would it be best to update the ssd by sata to esata from my laptop?If so, do I just need the sata to esata cable? or buy an enclosure and go the usb 2.0 route?
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  1. or you could put the OCZ Agility 3 into your current computer (the one with the bad hdd) and use a linux boot CD and boot into something like knoppix or ubuntu (do not have to install it) and use OCZ's Linux-based Firmware Updater and update the firmware from a linux desktop, then just shut down, and install your OS
  2. Excuse my naivety, but I haven't really used linux before and I dont know where I could grab a boot cd. I'll definitely consider it if its my last means or if its the best way in terms of time and hardware protection.
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    Well i know that it would have to be SATA< because in order to update this drive, it has to be a non primary drive on a sata port, with AHCI enabled .. as it says in the guide

    they actually give you a utility to select 'USB upgrade' .. if u got a USB flash drive, like a sandisk cruzer, u could use that to boot from into linux and follow their instructions
  4. Well they talk about the tools anyway, they dont actually include them
  5. kd0frg said:
    Well they talk about the tools anyway, they dont actually include them

    Thanks for the sources! kd0frg!
  6. I appreciate you spending your time to help me look for the information.
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