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Hi, I am building my next new computer and have run into a small problem with the CPU Cooler mounting hardware. For my new system I am using the EVGA 3way SLI X58 motherboard and I7 processor with the Zalman CNPS9900LED CPU cooler. My problem is that when I mounted the cooler support plate to the motherboard the support plate does not sit snug to the motherboard, it is a little loose even after the screws have bottomed out into the support plate. Is this normal or should the plate be snug to the motherboard? I have contacted Zalman through their email twice now over the last two weeks or so with no response as of yet and was hoping that someone here might be able to give me some advice on this matter. I was thinking of cutting the mounting screws a little shorter so that they will pull the support plate snug to the motherboard, but will this cause damage to the motherboard if the screws are tightened down only enough so that the cooler mounting plate does not move? Thanks in advance for your input, Steve.
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  1. It does move/wobble around a bit. That's a trait of Zalman coolers. I've used quite a # of 'em. None of 'em sat snug. What are your idle & load temps?

  2. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately my new system is still under construction and as of yet has not been powered up.
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