Strange performance issues with 500GB hard drives, when under load

Hi guys,

About a year ago I went out and brought a Western Digital 500GB Hard Drive (WD5000AAKS-00D2B) for a reinstall of Windows (I already had a Seagate 500GB ST3500418AS installed in my computer) because of the need for more space.

However, I have noticed that every time I unzip a large RAR file to or copy a file across my Gigabit network onto the Western Digital Hard Drive (Which is running Windows), it always seems to go at a snails pace, when opening My Computer or Web Browsing (It sticks on a "Waiting for cache" message at the bottom of my browser when loading pages).

My Computer didn't do this when I was running Windows on the Seagate.

I did do a HDTune test and the Western Digital comes out with a maximum of 106.4MB/s whereas the Seagate comes out with 134.5MB/s maximum Read rate.

What could be causing the (almost) 30MB/s difference between the two drives, and what could be causing the sluggish performance when putting load on the WD drive, when the Seagate wasn't affected nearly as much when it was running Windows?

Both drives have 0 Errors on the Error Scan.

Thanks for your answers
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  1. i will do anti malware test and antivirus in safe mode without network
  2. There is a very minimal chance that this has anything to do with malware or viruses as the drive has performed this way in each of the 3 installs of Windows I have done, since I've had the drive.

    Here are some benchmarks of the drives, starting with the WD:

    and the Seagate:

    Any ideas? Are WD drives known to perform more poorly than Seagate Drives?
  3. i just made a rest to my wd 640 got nearly same result as you for it but it only use 6.4% of cpu realy your seagate is faster but use more cpu. do you have anything under disk health
  4. Could it be using more CPU because it is performing much better?
  5. could not tell you i dont have a seagate to test for answer
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