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I’ve got a wireless keyboard, and every now and then when I’m in a program (Excel, Word, Outlook etc), all the keys start typing random letters.

It happened again this morning while I was typing an email. I had Outlook and Word open and was typing an email in Outlook when suddenly, half way through typing, the keys all changed and started typing the incorrect letters. This is what I got when I typed “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”:

"Yd. ‘gcjt xpr.b urq hgml.e rk.p yd. na;f erivKh.nnrJkiiiii"

Yet in Word, the keyboard was working perfectly fine.

When I close Outlook (or whichever program I’m in when the problem occurs) then reopen it, all the keys are fine again.

I type very quickly - is it possible I might be hitting the Ctrl key or something in conjunction with another key which is causing this jibberish?

Anyone know how to fix this??
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  1. Battery power ok?

    Updated driver available?

    Any cordless phones in the vicinity?
  2. The keyboard is quite new (I've had it maybe 3 weeks) and the batteries were new with the keyboard.

    I couldn't find an updated driver online. As far as I know, I have the latest.

    I occasionally have my iphone plugged into my computers usb and this sits next to my keyboard. I can't recall if I've had it next to my keyboard everytime this problem has occurred though.
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