OC 6850 with 6870?

Hey guys,
just wondering, if I had a HD6850 OC to let's say 4100mhz and 900mhz (ram and core), would I still see a huge dip in performance if I crossfired it with a HD6870.
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  1. hi

    adding another card is really great idea, you will be much more better than ocing.
  2. I'm not sure, but you can keep OCing the 6850 until the CF of 6850 and 6870 start to come close to dual 6870s in benchmarks.
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    Average 10% difference compared to 2x 6870s depending on the benchmark and game.

    Down side to xfiring 6850 with a 6870 is the latter will disable some of its features to match the 6850 to be compatible.

    Overclocking the 6850 might help a little more, but you'll still be missing out on some Stream Processors and Texture Address Units.

    You could take the risk and flash the 6850's bios with the 70's. But if 6850 is your only choice i wouldn’t worry about it, the two cards together will still kick ass.
  4. Okay, see, I was just wondering cause I have an Asus EAH6850, very overclockable and I can get the frequencies above 4.0 Ghz and around 900 Mhz stable, but boju has an excellent point as I will not have access to the additional stream processors and TAUs
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