New Build: w7 won't recognize Raid 5 on ICH10R

Hi all,

I have a new build (w/ old parts):

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Mobo
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor
8 GB ram
w7 SP1

The system is on a pair of drives in Raid 0 on the jMicro SATA. I have a 5 drive (500GB each - I had 'em, and with drive prices like they are now, just used them) data raid 5 array on the ICH10R SATA.

I configured the RAIDS in Bios mode, no problems. I had my driver disks during w7 install, but was never stopped to install 3rd party drivers. w7 appeared to install fine and looked like it was initializing the Raid5 when I left it for a while.

Long story short - I can see the Raid5 array with Intel Rapid Storage Technology, but the system can't seem to see it. Intel Rapid Storage Technology shows up on the control panel, it recognizes the array and reports it's functioning normally.

I've tried a reinstall of w7 - no change. I've updated the drivers for the jMicro and ICH10R a couple of times, no change.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Wait, Wait!

    I found the problem - I was able to find both Raid arrays in Disk Management, but I have a new problem.

    Windows installed the system on the wrong array. How can I migrate the OS to the other Raid Array?

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