No digital signal on dvi port graphic card

My DVI cable connects my ATI Radeon X1650Pro graphic card to my Viewsonic monitor. Recently while my CPU started shutting erratically (caused by an overheated procesor fan), the digital signal from one port of the graphic card stopped. I get an analogue signal using a converter though. While the other port of the graphic card is fine.
Is teher anything I can do to regain digital signal in the first port of my graphic card? got it cleaned
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  1. I guess my problem has foxed more than just me. Although am not handicapped, as I do get digital signal from Port number 2 , I just wondered if Port number 1 could regain its digital capability as well.

    Would appreciate your feedback.
  2. Having exact problem on 9800GT (DVI-I/VGA/HDMI). DVI-I port stopped gaining digital signal, but analogue from it is OK. This happend right after I plugged cable few times from monitor. Now I have digital signal only through HDMI->DVI converter which was included with this card. Dunno how DVI port can be fixed. Or it's just burned.
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