How to repair the configurartion files in windows xp


I am running a HP desktop computer with Windows XP. I installed a Panasonic program called HP writer for the new Video Camera I purchased. I found that it was too slow so I decided to uninstall it. I did so using the add/delete program in the control panel.
I also had Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator running on my computer which stopped working after I took the Panasonic program off, it just wouldn't let my burner work.
I decided to reboot to see if that would work but the computer only booted up to the windows logo with the moving bar on it as though it was loading and stopped and went back to the HP logo and would only let me load in the Safe Mode.
Do you think the Panasonic Program has left something resident somewhere that stops windows from loading and is there anything I can do to fix the problem.
I have tried the restore function but that doesn't work.

Ivan Weston
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