Will my MoBo support a 1066 fsb processor?

I recently rebuilt my girlfriends com pretty much ground up, now the issue I'm running into is that I used the original intell MoBo and processor (pentium dual core @ 3.2) when I look at the specs for the chipset (945GC)it tells me the fsb is 533mhz/800mhz . now the issue I'm running into is that my cpu is the bottleneck and a c2d runs at 1066 fsb. is there a way I can make this work or am I just in need of a new MoBo?

pentium dual core (3.2 ghz)
4 gigs ddr2 @ 800mhz
xfx radeon hd 4650 1 gig
western digital hd 320gig x2 (not in RAID)
ATX 450watt psu
in an Apevia x-cruiser2 case
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  1. You will need a new MB

  2. You have two choises
    1.Change the processor
    2.Change mobo
  3. What's the motherboard make and model? Is it an Intel motherboard with no OC capability?

    some 945 boards like the ECS 945GCT-M/1333 can handle E6850s which are "FSB1333" (i.e. 667 quad pumped)

    Other 945 boards like the regular ECS 945GCT-M list FSB1066 chips like E6300 on the supported list.
  4. http://support.gateway.com/s/MOTHERBD/Intel2/4006181R/4006181Rnv.shtml

    this is the board, theoriginalcompwas a GT 5464 purchased frombest buy some time ago, asmentioned above prettty much everything has been upgraded already,includingthe cpu onetime already, I'm just not getting what I need from my processor (pentium d 3.2 ghz).

    if its not possible to put a cc2d/c2q in here what would be the recomended fix?

    comp is pretty much used for home theater with a bit ofonline gaming (neverwinter nights 2) nothing real extreme
  5. now...I just noticed on the spec sheet that it also says this mobo will only take 2 gigs of ram at 400 but it is recognizing all four and at 800
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