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So my WD hard drive recently appeared to fail and i RMA'd it with WD doing the advanced option. However, upon recieving the new drive i decided to see if i could get anything off my old drive before i shipped it off. It would not read it so i decided to reformat the "dead" drive.

Now the "dead" drive is alive and seems to be working well and in fact I can even read files from the drive before it crashed and reformatted. Do you think that WD RMA will give me any issues returning this drive? What should I do? Should I also zero out the drive to ensure that they don't snoop around, or is that too suspicious? Thanks.
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  1. hey ramvid, how did the RMA go?
    im also going to RMA my WD 1TB HDD. if i format the drive, it'll work like urs but the problem is when u store files on it. so what im planing to do is fill it with dummy files before i ship it to them or not worry about it if they didnt give you problem.
  2. My RMA went smoothly. Apparently the boot sector on my drive died and thats why I could not access the drive. A simple reformat fixed it, but I still RMA'd it and they have yet to complain or say anything about it.
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