Please HELP! Msi r4890 cyclone stop working or crash

In windows 7 64bit:
when start playing game(such as Need for speed 13 , dirt 2, COD:MW2) the video card stop working after the game start 2-4 minutes.After 2-5 second ,it will recover.

In windows Xp:
I played about 20 minutes game, then blue screen happen. I reboot the system, then the screen mess or black.

I have updated the ati driver and change the PSU. But no changes.

My build:
ADATA DDR3 4G 1333
Corsir tx650w

Thank you for any advice.
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  1. What kind of temps are you hitting on the GPU and CPU? Is this a new video card?
  2. yes ,this is a new card. I bought it on 11/25/09.
  3. i have experienced crashes due to even a slight overclock on a 4850; try bumping the clocks down IF the card is overclocked.
  4. Thank you for you advice.
    But I didn't do any OC.
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