Is my I7 overheating?

I went into my overclocking screen during the boot of my computer. It says my intel i7 920 cpu temperature is 83 C and I have an Corsair H50 with thermal paste installed on the i7 920. I have 5 fans going at once in my case and airflow is not a problem. It says my case temperature is 30 C. Is there something Im doing wrong? Or am I ok?
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  1. I think i a bit on the high side is you are not OC'ing. I think its your thermal paste. Check if its applied correctly or has dried up or not.
  2. This is not just "a bit high", this is way too high, idle should be 30-40, uninstall the waterblock, clean the waterblock and CPU of thermal paste, reapply new thermal paste and reinstall the waterblock, recheck your temps, by the sound of it, your last installation of the waterblock was faulty.
  3. Also make sure that the fan on your H50 is pulling air in from the outside of the case - it has to be an intake or else it doesn't perform very well (not that the H50 performs very well anyway).
  4. Would 91% from volume of isopropyl alcohol work, or do I need 70%? Does the alcohol percentage matter? I just dont want to screw this up.
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