I guess its time for a upgrade

I have just hit what us Gaming enthusiasts like to call....The wall, The point where your Top Of the range graphics card no longer runs games at the speed that you need it to. Basically I need a Upgrade :D lol

The Card in Question Is A asus 8800 gts 512mb which when i got it could run almost any game i threw at it on Highest settings but now medium to high settings has become Part of my vocabulary......Sigh

My pc consists of :
c2d e6300 @ 4.8 Gigahertz on Air cooling (yes its stable)
23 inch Samsung syncmaster
Motherboard is irrelevent i beleive for the topic
8 gigs XMS3 dominator ram
600 watt Gigabyte Odin psu
Windows 7/xp sp3
So with my setup in mind whats the best grapics card i can get That will Work Well with this system :)

p.s Dx11 is neither priority nor unimportant ,What i want is lasting proformance :p :bounce: :hello:
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  1. 1) 4.8GHZ!!? Is it powered by the lightening bolts of ZEUS himself?
    2) Honestly the ATI 5850 is the sweet beast at the moment. If you are in the US they start at $310 on Newegg. The 5870 starts at $410, but honestly the performance increase from the 5850 isn't worth the $100 for some people. Most people are opting for the 5850. Which is what I would suggest. It will leave your 8800GTS cold and alone on a shelf.
  2. 1) haha nah it runs just above standard voltages and it Suprisingly has less issues than my core i7 920 in my other machine.
    2) Yeah i was looking at that card but Somehow i predict a under performance with my e6300 as a bottleneck
  3. Add another 8800GTS 512MB if your motherboard supports SLi or upgrade to an HD 5850/5870.

    How much are you looking to spend?
  4. Looks like you're setting a trend, Jay.
    Go for the HD5850 but be quick, supply is still limited.

    EDIT: Do n't worry about the C2D, just increase the settings and remember, cards age poorly, next year it'll be obsolete;)
  5. Another vote for HD5850
  6. coozie7 said:
    Looks like you're setting a trend, Jay.
    How am I setting a trend? I'm not a trendy guy. I just know what I like and is good. I do like my 5870 though, I had it OCed but it runs everything at stock as it is. I can't even see FPS in Dirt2 because no OSD that I know of works in DX11. Blah. haha.
  7. I was predicting others would mirror, as did I, your advice, you trendsetter you;)
  8. Thanks For the advice every1 i mananged to get hold of a 5870, wow what a beast of a card;)
  9. ^
    Serious Damage! You will be happy with that card, in every possible way.
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