Best Software to Test Graphics Card?

I was wondering what would be the best software to help test your graphics card for stability. I think I might been having some issues with it regarding some games and it crashing, so I want to see if it is a defect in the hardware that I might need to send it back to get replaced.

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  1. I use all this:

    1- 3D mark 06
    2- Lightsmark 2007
    3- PerformanceTest (all you system)
    4- Video Card Stability Test

    IMO, the 3 is really good, test all your system or a component individually, and you can compare with rigs like yours.
  2. I use

    3D mark 06
    3D mark Vantage

    I understand that 3Dmarks are for benchmarkings, but it's a good way to test out ur card
    while getting benchmarks, to test my temps and clocks at 3D rendering

    Next is Furmark, which from my understanding is probably the easiest way to test ur cards
    overclocks and stabibility
    It has temps, clocks, and it still renders in the backgroud while u change ur video cards clocks
    You can change ur clocks and watch the furmark run, and if there are rendering problems such as
    Furmark not processing normal graphics, therefore u can test your max stable overclock
    It stresses 100% and there is an "extreme stress mode" which I never used

    Hope this helps, and please correct me if I am wrong
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