[Cases] HAF 932 or Storm Sniper ?

I am going to build my new rig in short time, which will consist,

Gigabyte ex58-ud5
HD 5970
corsair dominator 3x2gb 1600 mhz
corsair tx950w power supply

I cannot decide whether to go for haf 932 or Storm sniper, which one will be better to fit HD 5970 and provide a good cooling solution ?
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  1. They basically have the same internal setup. The storm has one big top fan that will likely be quieter than the 2 smaller top fans of the HAF. Both would work really well. I like the look of the HAF myself.
  2. +1 what Enzo said.

    I have the HAF 932 and have looked at the Storm Sniper up close. The interior of the cases are very similar. The exterior of the cases look different. Both cases feature excellent ventilation, airflow, and cooling.

    I suggest you purchase the one you like the best.
  3. I was just looking at the HAF 932. I like how you can customize the fan slots quite a bit, plus cable management looks like it will be very easy to do. Looks like a great case.
  4. I think the HAF 932 is the way to go between these two. The HAF has a lot of room for expansion, and you get to choose how your computer is put together. Like the psu, fans and what not. If your not buying anytime soon I would consider getting the HAF X, it is suppose to be out in juneish.
    But if you need one now the 932 is about the #1 rated case, I personally like the cm 692 ad. but it gets not as good reviews cause it dosen't come with a High Air Flow right out of the box, you have to install all the new fans.
    But what ever you choose, the HAF can be easily painted, and built to your liking.
    I would personally chose the blue one which is usally in stock, but remember this
    the HAF dosen't have any air filters like the 692 dose.
    So if I got the HAF I would paint it, and get rid of the big HAF on the outside and get the lines off the window. Then paint the inside. Then get air filters set through out the whole case at all the intakes. So definetly research every last detail before you buy, there might be deal droppers, or even deal makers, what got
    to like the 692 ADV. is it has pretty much everything the HAF has, but more goodies, goodies that I am actually going to use and has a purpose, like the VGA card bracket, air filters over 10 fan slots, already black and can built to my own personal liking!
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