Hard drive in XP not recognized.

This is the situation and I'd like someone to please point out the obvious step I skipped. ( ugh I gotta stop drinking I think haha )

I have a ASUS m2n-sli Deluxe mobo with 6 sata ports. ( running great since dec 2005 )
I have XP Home ( ughhh )
I have 2 other sata hard drives in the system , one as a boot drive, the other as a storage drive.
I want to add a third new seagate sata hd.
I installed the drive as always ( I was a retail tech for 4 years so I do this in my sleep now )

It shows in the post
It shows in the Bios
The Sata port IS ENABLED
I tried every port with the NEW hd and no luck
I tried every port with the #1 & #2 hd's and they booted fine....
It shows under device manager
I reinstalled all drivers ( updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted...etc... ) same in safemode
XP was updated UP UNTIL the service pack 3 prompt
I have 2 functioning IDE dvd-rws fyi

I tried the boot drive at sata#6 and the storage at #5 and the new one at Sata #1. 6 booted, 5 recognized and #1 is a no show as stated above.

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  1. In device manager, is the drive formatted and assigned a drive letter?

    Sometimes, when you already have 2 hdds, a third cannot get a drive letter due to he 1st optical drive already being assigned it.
  2. This is interesting. He says it does not show under disk management. I assume you mean it's not there at all as opposed to being there but not having been assigned a drive letter?
  3. yes....NOTHING shows at all.......If I unplugged one of the dvd drives ( IDE however ) would think free up anything? I'm curious why this mobo has 6 sata ports if I can only get 2. Even more weird......when I unplug the #2 and try and boot ONLY #1 with new #3 in, the #3 shows under post,bios and DevM but not in MyC or DskM....
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