Xfx 790i memory recomendations

Just got this board and was looking for some recomendations for some ram. When this board came out DDR3 was pretty new and all the super SLI ram etc was still around, and all the reviews ive found are based on ram from 2 years ago not todays ddr3 ram.

Anyways im trying to get a good recomendation for an 8gb, 4gb x 2 ddr3 kit. these boards were rated for 1333 mhz to 2000. I think 1600 shoudl be good since it would be the same as the factory FSB.

Are there any memory kits i should avoid with the 790i chipset? So far ive found so articales mentioning avoid ocz ram with this board.
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  1. I'm also open to recomendations for 4 gb kits with 2x2gb. Im having trouble finding any low latency ram it seems all that ive found is 9999 or higher in the ddr 1600 and 1800 catagories.
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