What's a decent video card for Sims 3?

my girlfriends computer had a 40 gb hard drive that failed and XP with 1 gb of ram. I want to get her Sims 3 with a new computer for x-mas and we got a bunch of old computers from a company and i Want to build one up so she can plays Sims 3 without constant lag. I have 1 gb of ddr ram and 2 40gb hard drives but the video cards ancient.
What's a decent video card for Sims 3 that's under 100 bucks?

Sims video card requirements- •128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
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  1. LOTS of video cards meet the minimum requirements -- in fact, just about any card you can buy new today will do that. But we need to know the rest of your system specs. Particularly, what model your motherboard is, so we know whether it takes AGP or PCIe x16 video cards.

    Be warned, though: If you have a system that's old enough to be using original DDR memory, not DDR2 or DDR3, I am suspicious that it's so old that it will be slow no matter what, because that usually means a Pentium 4 chip. You really should be running a game like Sims 3 on a dual-core machine to make it run smoothly, and I would go to at least 2GB of RAM as well.

    I tried installing Sims 3 on my "second" machine, which was a P4 machine that sounds a lot like the one you're working with, and it was a pretty wretched experience.
  2. For less than 100 bucks i suggest u go for a ati 3870 or 4850. Even a 4670 will get you more than 60fps on sims 3.
    Not a nvidia fan but a 9600gt will run it smoothly. Also as said above a core 2 duo and 2gb of ram will be a plus.
  3. 4670 is just enough to play sims3, but like the other said, make sure your cpu is a dual core type and minimum of 2gb of ram...
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