I need help picking out liquid cooling system?

I currently have the corsair 600t case. I need a cooler thats between $50-100 and can fit in my case.

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  1. 1| welcome to the forums newcomer!
    2| for that price a liquid cooler? its just a cooler that has its heat taken closer to the exterior of the case.
    3| would invest in a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 + or EVO and save me that bundle of cash needed for a corsair/antec/thermalcrap closed loop/all-in-one cooler.
    4| still want to brag about watercooling? then my advice would be to go on a custom kit and for that my friend we'd need to know the specs of your case innards to advise on a cooler in the first place. However, the Hyper is a great air cooler, and cheap too.

    my 2 cents
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