My Cooler Master Storm Scout Case\ Failure in Front Panel Jack Ports.

First off here are the things that matter:

[Case] COOLER MASTER Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP
[O/S] Windows 7

Ok with that settled, I don't know if it technically can be considered a failure but more so a technical difficulty. It worked fine for about eight hours after I put the PC together but now when both the Microphone and Headphones jacks of my headset are plugged into the front panel ports, the Microphone is the only one that appears on the Realtek HD Audio Manager. If I take the Microphone Jack out, the Headphones are then found again. If I put it back in, the Headphones disappear and the Microphone appears. The Microphone always works but the headphones part of the headset seems to be booted off when the microphone is plugged in.

Any ideas?


I'm writing this as additional information subtab. Sometimes when I plug the Headset in, it will eventually be found but I don't know if I am tricking the computer into seeing it or what. Once it is 'found' and is added, it stays added until the computer goes into sleep mode.
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  1. Diagnosed the problem myself. It just so happens that one of the kids in my house must have pulled my headset while I was away. One of the wires inside the headset itself was pulled loose and because of that, the computer couldn't find the speakers in the headphone part of the headset.. or something like that. Problem Solved and now this thread will be put in the Tomshardware Filing Cabinet for random Google/Forum Inquires.
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