SSD for Boot, HDD for Gaming

Hey guys, would appreciate your help, before I build my new gaming rig.

I hear how much SSD load things faster then HDD and wanted to jump on the band wagon and upgrade to them if it deems necessary. Im a huge gamer and was wondering how this would work.

If I still the SSD as a primary to load windows and a HDD to run the games off of. Would there be sort of load lag from the HDD or would the SDD actually read it fast enough or fast were I would see an increase from a standard hdd? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated :).

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  1. i would recommend using your SSD only for your "main" game.faster loading times does not matters much but faster boot up is priority for me.i am using a m4 128GB SSD
    for windows and "main games".2xCaviar blacks lags in terms of storage.
  2. I have never installed an SSD. Just to see if I got this right. To my best knowledge..Install it on SATA 1 port alone. Install Windows 7 on it. After it boots up, put my HDD on SATA2. Boot up and make sure it shows the drive. Then install the DVD ROM on Sata 3. Is there any special setting in the bios for SSD's I have to set before installing it or any tips I need to know or is this the simple installation just like a normal SATA HDD? (1st time doing this --SSD's--)
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