Can i play cod 4 on bluetooth lol

so yeah, can i play cod 4 with bluetooth
and if can, how? :bounce:
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  1. Uh, what exactly do you mean? You want to play a LAN game over bluetooth? I think that's possible. You just have to create the bluetooth network and setup firewalls and connections properly.
  2. how?
  3. umm, can i join other people's LAN server?
  4. Bluetooth is too slow for that to be practical. What is your situation?
  5. so, im currently using my macbook pro on boot camp (since my rig resting lol), i cant connect any wireless, i download drivers and still wont work. There's not selection of wireless network or ad hoc
  6. is there a wireless switch for the MBP? I'm not familiar, but it might just be off.
  7. there is no
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