Need Help Choosing A Low Profile Aftermarket Heatsink : )


I need help choosing the best low profile aftermarket heatsink I can get.

I've seen so many but I need your thoughts and views. I've searched about 10 different websites. I've seen about 25 of them or so. I've read some reviews but some people say its great, some others don't, and such.

My clearance level is 3.9 inches - 100mm.

I will be getting a Micro ATX case.

The processor I will be getting is either a i5-3570K or i7-3770K. I don't need a monster overclock but something like 4Ghz - 4.3Ghz would be nice. : )

Note - perhaps something that has direct contact with the heat pipes as I have asked all over and this creates better efficiency removing heat.

This is the case I want -

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. : )
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  1. ct1615 said:
    CM geminII M4, it's under 50mm and supports all intel sockets including 2011. it also has direct touch heat pipes although how that offers better cooling is very debatable.

    don't expect miracles with OC though and it's not the coolers fault. if you want to do a heavy OC, you need a larger cooler and therefore a larger case. it's similar to people purchasing slim line computers because they like how small they are and then bitching how they can't turn them into a gaming computer.

    Hey, thank you very much for that. Thats probably a nice cooler. I know the Hyper Evo by Cooler Master is one of the highest rated but it's 160mm, too high for my setup. So since this is cooler master with those direct contact heat pipes and such, I'm sure this one will be great too.

    I don't expect an insane overclock, I just want to be able to get more out of my processor than just stock speeds.

    Also, on another forum, I was highly recommended these heatsinks....



    Thanks again. : )
  2. Under the circumstances in that case the Noctua NH-L12 you linked would be my suggestion.
  3. ct1615 said:
    the first links just takes me to

    the scythe is a nice cooler but frankly i find their fans better then the coolers. i use a scythe fan on my CM 212+ evo. none the less the scythe will work also. the CM offers one more heat pipe and the fan only goes to 1600rpm while the scythe hits 2200, not a big deal since the CM fan is larger (120mm vs 100mm) but the scythe will make more noise.

    The guy above me seemed to be able to access the first link but so you can see too, here you go -

    Sorry about that. : \
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