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I assembled a new (homebuilt) computer a couple weeks ago and everything was running ok. Then I ran HWMonitor from CPUID.com and found one of the voltages in my pc weirdly off by a lot.

Is it normal to have a 0.56V for the +3.3V (see attached picture)? Or is there anything wrong with my assembly of the computer?

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  1. Check the voltages in the bios.
    Check the voltage with a power supply tester.
    Most likely it is either a program or bios error.
    If it is a bios error, go forward or backwards to another version.

    If your computer works fine, don't worry about it.
  2. If your computer is working well enough to run HWMonitor, the power supply is producing at least adequate voltages.

    The 3.3 volt output (orange wires) produce the power for the motherboard memory.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah my computer seems runnable and stable. So it is probably just program or bios error as evongugg said. And leave it is what I'll do...
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