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is it possible to run xp 32bit on modern system (let's say core i5 with 12 GB DDR3) so that 4 GB of ram is used as system memory AND remaining 8 GB of ram is used as superfast virtual hard drive. Thanx.
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  1. as long as your core/main is 64 bit O/S... or your running a multiple or dual boot then sure... just remember 32bit will only support up to 4GB of RAM... 64Bit Windowds 7 or XP will hold up to 8GB unless your running server (2008 for example) which will let you crank it up. hope this helps.
  2. If the XP 32bit will use up to 4 GB of the installed 12 GB of ram - what will happen to remaining 8 GB of ram? Will it be possible to access them when xp 32bit is loaded?
  3. no it will not see it... you will need a 64bit OS in order to see at least 8 of the 12... if you install server 2008 for example you can use all 12... then run a virtual of windows xp 32 bit and alocate 4GB of RAM leaving the server to use 8
  4. I want xp 32bit, no matter why - that's another topic.
    one more question - is there some pre-boot driver that would assign 4 GB of ram for xp 32bit and the remaining 8 GB to use as virtual hard drive?
  5. No ram can notbe used as stoage it is looses/clears info once the power is stopped (reboot). depnding on yoru harddrive space you can allocate half to the OS then use the remainder to make a second HD:

    for exmple: you have 250GB HD
    when you install XP make your C:\ partition 125GB
    then after your install, ight click on My Computer, Manage, Disk & Drives, you will see the remaining space as unallocated, right click on it then initialize... this will ive your a second drive (d:\) that you can use for storge
  6. XP will only support up to 4 gig max. I if you want to use ram as disk space, you could use a ddr or ddr2 ram drive, most have battery back so data isn't erased when computer is turned off.
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