I have been looking several forums in different sites and got the info that tighten the RAM timings would increase the performance ??? is it that so ??

processor:AMD phenom II x4 965 BE
motherboard:ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
ram:4GB corsair vengeance
gpu:NVIDIA 9800gt
psu:600w zebronics

well, i tried OC my RAM to 1600MHz but i failed to do so because as soon i OC my CPU reaches 99 degree C.. so that's the different thing... i left my RAM to work @1333MHz but people say u can change timings to 7-7-7-24-41 to get better performance out of the @1333MHz which equals the performance with 1600MHz is it so ?? i know its a noob question... but please help me with this... does it really increase performance,etc or should i leave it with default timings...

Here i have changed the timings:
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    Just don't mess with timings you will not notice a diffrence most people will not notice the diffrence between 1333 and 1600. I would challenge anyone to know what speed ram is in a pc over 1600. There is a review on here that has 1600 through 2400 speed ram in it and games show like a 1 to 2 fps diffrence. Winrar showed the biggest inprovement and that was 6% almost within the range or error soo just pick up some 1600 ram 40 bucks for 8 gigs and leave it alone.

  2. thanks a lot bro nice reply :)
  3. i have made the default settings... any other info about this would also be appreciated... just wanted to learn more :)
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