$1600 Solid machine, would like tips

Case-Thermaltake Soprano DX Black Steel
CPU-AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition, 3.40GHz, Quad Core
HDD-Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS - Hard drive - 500 GB - internal - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 rpm - buffer: 32 MB
Motherboard-Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H, Socket AM3, Dual DDR3-1800, AMD 785G+SB710, HT 3.0
PSU-Antec 750W TruePower ATX Power Supply
Memory-Corsair 4GB Memory 2x 2GB Kit, PC3-10600 (1333MHz)
OS-Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Optical-I have 2 of my own ASUS drives
Video Card-ATI HD 5850 1GB GDDR5
CPU Cooling-Aywun RADI A1-E1-LP Low Profile CPU Cooler with 92mm Ultra Quiet Fan support 775 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / 754 / 939 / 940 Socket

This is the machine I have constructed on a website and I would like to know if all the parts are compatible and work with each other, I've checked the sockets and dimensions and all that but I would like 2nd opinions and tips/advice from others before I buy. It costs around $1600 and $1600 is all I have to spend. Any and all advice, opinions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Ordering in a few days.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, watching movies, internet browsing etc etc, all the usual things.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, etc


OVERCLOCKING: Maybe in the future, I plan on getting another 5850 within a few months to CrossFire.



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  1. You deffinitly do NOT want to use that motherboard if you are planning on Crossfireing a pair of 5850's. One of the PCI slots runs at 16x while the other only 4x. This will seriously gimp your Crossfire performance. Better off paying for an 8x8x AM3 or go all out on a 16x16x. Here is an 8x8x AM3 motherboard that performs very well in all areas.


    The 955 is cheaper and overclocks just as well. Not to mention, the 955 also uses less power and puts out less heat.
  2. Thanks for the info on the motherboard but I'm really pushing my budget with everything I have already chosen. I guess I will just not run crossfire then. Or I will buy another motherboard way down the track. As for the processor, I won't be overclocking and the 965 is only $20 more expensive.
  3. The other motherboard is only a few dollars more. Its worth the extra $20ish for the Crossfire option.

    If you want to save some money on the mobo with only a single PCI slot get the UD3P. Its cheaper and may also ever overclock better since its the 'P'remium model from Gigabyte.
  4. Okay thanks, I'll look into it, do you know the model name of the 16x16 board? Is there one from Gigabyte? Or should I try ASUS as well?
  5. My motherboard is Gigabyte's AM3 Flagship. Its $174.99

    Check in my signature
  6. Of course. But that's still pushing my budget, because I can get the original motherboard for $128 :/
  7. How about this?

    CPU- the i5-750 $199.99

    Mobo-ASUS P7P55D-E Pro $189.99

    4 GB G. Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1333

    PSU- Corsair 750TX $89.99 after Mail in Rebate

    HSF - CM Hyper 212 Plus $29.98


    Boot - Intel X-25M $249.99 free shipping

    Storage- Spinpoint F3 500gb. 1 tb ones have been sold out for like forever lol. $54.99

    Alternative if you feel that the the SSD is enough space for OS/Apps and games and just want media storage, you can get a nice 1.5 tb Caviar green. $109.99 about $0.07 per gb.

    Case- HAF 922 $99.88

    or Element G $99.99 after Rebates. Free Shipping

    I have both cases and prefer the Element G due to its extra fan, mounting for 2 SSD's and filters. No more duct taped SSD'S on the bottom of your case!

    Thats $1014.92 so far assuming you get the X-25M and F3.

    2x HD 5850 $319.99 each total $639.98.
    Grand Total of $1654.9
  8. I don't live in America. And I don't like Intel. D:
  9. The UD3P is only like $75 and is amazing other than just one PCI slot. If you stick with your original board with 16x4x you are just wasting money. UD3P or UD4P are the better options since you are on a budget.

    Asus makes great boards but they tend to be more expensive.
  10. get the asus 790x board
  11. Checking prices now.
  12. ASUS M4A78-E Motherboard, AM3, 790GX Chipset, 4x DDR2 slots, 2x PCI-E 2.0, VGA, RAID, Gigabyte LAN, CrossFireX, ATX

    Would you recommend that one?
  13. Ignore previous post.

    ASUS M4A78T-E Motherboard, AM3, AMD 790GX, Dual DDR3 1600, PCIe2.0 x16, SATAII, RAID, Gigabit LAN, USB, D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, IEEE 1394, eSATA, 8-Channel Audio, ATX, CrossFire

    Is that the one?

    Previous one only supported DDR2.
  14. The Asus is no cheaper than the UD4P I already suggested, at least in America. Both are good boards though.
  15. The UD4P on the website I'm buying from doesn't have it. Well they do, but it's out of stock. I think I'll go with the ASUS one. I seems very nice, and has 2 16x PCIe slots which will be great for the 2nd 5850 I plan on getting later.
  16. Any other questions? You will be happy with that Asus, its a pretty good board.

    Enjoy! [:bohleyk]
  17. Haha hopefully! I've spent weeks researching this whole new computer ordeal. I've been into computer since I was 2 years old, literally. Sounds odd but it's true! Anyways, there is one last question, just wondering if everything is compatible and how difficult will it be to build myself and install Win7?
  18. Well building a PC is as hard as you make it. It took me two motherboards and power supplies because I was a too excited and crimped a wire with another cable which shorted my board and caused my power supply to become unstable.

    Its really easy to build a PC but very tedious. Who would have thought, of all things, a damn case fan wire would end my mobo and make my PSU unstable? Oh well, lesson learned. Take your time and triple check everything and then check again before powering on.

    Everything is compatible. Your HDD will need to be formated to FAT32 before you can install W7. If you don't have any formated HDD laying around somewhere take it to a local PC shop to format it, cost me ten bucks.
  19. Listen to evongugg, he knows what he's talking about and his build will absolutely trounce the one you are considering. In fact, my oc'ed q6660/hd4870x2 build built a year and a half ago would beat your build. Thank god you came here to ask first is all I can say.

    i would spec you a far superior build but you said that you are against Intel.
    So is that for moral reasons, or are you just against better performance?

    Seriously mate, an i7920 DO overclocked with an ssd boot drive and a 5870 is easily within your budget and would dominate your Phenom build.

    Say if you are willing to consider an Intel

    Installing win 7 is extremely easy
  20. I've built a few computers before, but not professionally. I've taken a few of mine apart and put them back together, but not like the PSU or anything, just everything else.
  21. Is there a website you would recommend where I can get those products for under $1700?
  22. I can check. I'm not familiar with Aussie sites. brb
  23. Lol okay. Thanks buddy.
  24. Techbuy seems OK. Everything is more expensive in Australia but it looks fair. Just not a ton of options.
  25. Checking it out now. Thank you :)
  26. Eyo isn't bad either if you can't find what you are looking for on Techbuy.
  27. Okay thank you. I will also post my new build on this thread once I'm done.
  28. Okay here it is, don't flame me for the motherboard please, it's all I can afford -.-
    I'm also aware it only has one PCIe 16x slot. That's fine, I won't be going CrossFire.

    CASE - Thermaltake Soprano DX Black Steel

    CPU - Intel Core i5 750, 2.66GHz, Quad Core, Socket LGA1156, 95W TDP, 4x256KB L2 Cache, 8MB L3 Cache, Boxed, Lynnfield

    MOTHERBOARD - ASUS P7P55D LE, LGA1156, Dual DDR3-2133, Intel P55, 6x SATA, 1x eSATA, 1x IDE, CrossFireX, 1x PCIe x16 (x8), 1x PCIe x4, 2x PCIe x1, 3x PCI, 14x USB, Gigabit LAN, 8ch VT1828S, ATX

    PSU - OCZ Fatal1ty Series 700W Power Supply

    MEMORY - G.Skill RIPJAWS 4GB (2x 2GB) Dual Channel Kit, PC3-12800 (1600MHz) DDR3, 240-pin DIMM, Unbuffered, Non-ECC, CL 8-8-8-24-2N

    OS - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM

    VIDEO CARD - HD 5850 1GB GDDR5
  29. You would be saving a nice amount of money if you get the AM3 UD3P instead. You wouldn't lose anything over your Intel build other than the better processing power of the i5. Which in gaming isn't all that much, if any at all.

    Since you will be doing gaming and what seems to be average, everyday uses on this PC a PII would make more sense if you are concerned about a budget.

    That build will work and the i5 is a better processor. Enjoy!
  30. I'm actually saving about $50 with the Intel build over the AMD one LOL. I've also just been comparing the i5 with the Phenom II 965 on this site on the chart compare feature. It seems the i5 is alot better. I think I'll go with the i5 build. Thanks very much for the help guys, you're all awesome, much appreciate. If there's any more advice anyone wants to give then by all means, don't hesitate!
  31. Also will the i5 support DDR3 1600Mhz or only the 1333mhz? :/
  32. Well get the i5 since you are saving a nice chunk. Your P55 motherboard will support upto 2000Mhz. Any RAM 1600 or under will do nicely.
  33. Okay, thanks very much.
  34. good luck on the build man
  35. thank you :)
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